All-in-one Wireless Digital Processor
DSP-4800 is an all-in-one digital processor with 4 inputs and 8 outputs. The unit uses a 32-bit high-precision floating point and has a sampling frequency of 96Khz that reduces distortion. The processor can be controlled via USB or LAN, with the possibility of joining up to 250 devices. DSP-4800 comes with XLR-3 input and output connectors and is ideal for fixed installations, being able to equalize, limit, filter and delay the signal of its 8 outputs in an easy and fast way.
System performance
Input: 4 Electronically balanced XLR-3
Impedance: >10 kOhm
CMRR: >65dB, 50Hz-10Khz
Output: 8 Electronically balanced XLR-3
Output impedance: <60 ohms
Minimum loading impedance: 600 ohms
Maximum output level: +20dBm (600 ohms loading)
Frequency response: +/- 0.5dB 20Hz-20Khz
Dynamic range: >110dB 20Hz-20Khz
Distortion: <0.02% @ 1kHz, +18dBm
Maximum delay: 650 mS (adjustable step distancce is 2.6uS)
Output gain: Setting range: -40dB to +6dB, Step pitch: ±0.1dB
Input Gain: Setting range: -40dB to +15dB, Step pitch: ±0.1dB

Parameter Equalizer
Filter: 6-bands/each output, 8-bands/each input
Filter gain: +15dB to -30dB, the step distance is 0. 1dB
Transition frequency (low pass): 20Hz-20kHz, 1/36 octave. (368 positions)
Filter: Q value/band width 0.4 to 28.8 / 3 to 0.05
Selectable low frequency / high frequency: 20Hz-1kHz / 1kHz-20kHz
Gain: ±15dB, adjustable step distance is 0.1dB
Central frequency: 20Hz-20kHz, adjustable step dist.: 1/36 octave (368 pos.)

High and low pass filter
Filter: Each output with one filter
Transition frequency (high pass): 10Hz–16kHz, adjustable step distance is 1/36 octave
Transition frequency (low pass): 60Hz–22kHz, adjustable step distance is 1/36 octave
Selectable filter type: Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel, Butterworth

Threshold range: +20dBu to -10dBu
Start-up time: 0.3 to 90ms
Release time: Start-up time 4, 8, 16 or 32 times
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