Live AN8

Professional analog mixer - 8 Mic/Line inputs + 1 stereo channel
Live AN8 is an ultra-compact professional analog mixer that features 8 Mic/line inputs with balanced XLR/TRS connectors, 1 stereo channel and 2 subgroups. Thanks to its very low noise preamplifiers, the entire Live AN series works with a very transparent sound and also incorporates a 24-bit DSP FX processor with 99 programs. Live AN8 sports 4-band equalization in all mono channels to work the signal in a professional manner and features a Low Cut button per channel, to attenuate (-18dB) signals below 75Hz. A 7-band stereo graphic equalizer, 1 auxiliary output, 2 group outputs and a MP3 player with USB port are amongst the most outstanding features of the Live AN series, a series designed for applications that do not require a large number of channels but demand an outstanding sonorous fidelity.
Mono Channels: 8
Stereo Channels: 1
Subgroups: 2
Output connectors: 2 XLR & 2 TRS 1/4"
Maximum levels: Mic: 30dBu / Line: 21dBu / Stereo: 22dBu
Input sensitivity: Mic: -60dB / Stereo: -40dB / FX Send/Return: -20dB
THD: <0.007%, +4 dBu @ 1KHz, unity gain
Gain Control: -60dB~-20dB
Input impedance:
- Mic: 4.7 ohms
- Line: >10 kOhm
Crosstalk: <-82dBu
Earphone output power: 500-800mW
Output impedance: < 120 ohms
Signal-to-Noise ratio: -80dB
Frequency Response // Mic Input to main output:
+0,-1 dB, <10Hz to 80kHz
+0,-3 dB, <10Hz to 120kHz
Max output level: 22dBu
2 x 7 graphic equalizer
+48V phantom power
1 auxiliar output
2 group outputs
24-bit digital FX with 99 programs
MP3 player with USB port

Per channel
Mic Input: Electronically balanced XLR
Line Input: TRS 1/4"
Insert: TRS 1/4"
Stereo inputs: 2 RCA
Equalization - mono:
- HF: 12KHz ± 15dB
- HMF: 2.5KHz ± 15dB
- LMF: 400Hz ± 15dB
- LF: 80Hz ± 15dB
Equalization - stereo:
- HF: 12KHz ± 15dB
- LF: 80Hz ± 15dB
Low-noise preamplifier with strong anti-jamming power
Mute and solo selector
Main mix and group selector
Low Cut (75Hz)
Peak indicator

Dimensions: 415x475x135 mm. / 16.3x18.7x5.3 in.
Weight: 6.8 kg. / 15 lbs.
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