Professional Power Amplifier
Steel S10.2 is a professional power amplifier with a maximum output power of 2 x 1000W @ 8-ohm / 2 x 1650W @ 4-ohm and a maximum bridged output power of 1 x 3350W (RMS) @ 8-ohm. With a performance that stands out for its very low distortion and high fidelity, Steel S10.2 is equipped with a switching-mode power supply. Precisely thanks to the design of its power supply, the amplifier allows the peak power to follow the dynamic range of the musical program, being able to reproduce up to twice the RMS power, without clipping. This translates, basically, into peaks with much more dynamic range than a conventional-source amplifier. As one would expect in amplifiers of this range, the whole Steel series is equipped with a very efficient ventilation and has a comprehensive section of protections, to assure its correct operation in the most demanding situations.
Rated output power (8-Ohm): 2 x 1000W
Rated output power (4-Ohm): 2 x 1650W
Rated output power (Bridge @ 8-Ohm): 1 x 3350W

Input impedance:
Balanced: 20Kohm
Unbalanced: 10Kohm
Input sensitivity: 0.775Vor1.4V
Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
THD: <0.05%
Damping factor (8-ohms) 10Hz-400Hz: >200
Crosstalk (at 1Khz): - 75dB
Signal to noise ratio: >100dB
Slew rate: 20V/us
Voltage gain: 36dB
Intermodulation distortion: =/<0.35%
Protections: Thermal, short circuits, no-load, on/off muting & RF interference

Connectors & back panel controls
Power supply connector: Interlock In
4 XLR-3 inputs
4 Speakon speaker outputs
Bridge, parallel & input sensibility switch

Cooling: Two Front-to-back fans, temperature controlled speed.
Net Weight: 7.5 kg. / 16.5 lbs.
Dimensions: 482x227x88 mm. / 19x9x3.5 in.

Input voltage range: 100–240V, 50-60Hz
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