All-in-one digital processor - 4 inputs / 8 outputs
DSP-4x8 is an all-in-one digital processor with 4 inputs and 8 outputs. The unit provides crossover, equalizer, limiter, polarity selector, gain and delay functions. The processor further has feedback elimination, an auto-EQ function and a pink noise generator. DSP-4x8 ships with XLR input and output connectors.
System Setup
Device ID set
Password Setup
Power on set (All Mute / Keep in last state)
Backlight set (Keep On / 10s )
System information

Input channel option
Mute: Every channel have input mute (ON/OFF)
Delay: Longest delay 1000 ms
Polarity: Pol (+) or Pol (-)
Parameter Equalizer: Every channel can set 6 parameter EQ
- In Parameter
_ Frequency point: 20Hz-20HHz
_ Bandwidth: 0.05~3 Oct/w
_ Gain: -20dB ~ +20dB

Output channel function option
Input choice: Each output can choose different input channel (A ,B, C, D channel or non channel). Each output can also choose different channel assemble.
Mute: On/Off
Output Gain: -12dB~+12dB - Step distance 0.1dB
Output delay: longest delay 1000 ms, can display in the computer by M or Ft.
Polarity: Pol (+) or Pol (-)
Crossover filter type: Link-Ril / Buttworth / Bessec
- Frequency point: 20Hz~20KHz
- Slope: 12dB, 18dB, 24dB, 48dB
- Threshold: -20dBu~20dBu
- Attack: 0.3ms-100ms
- Release : 2,4 ,6 ,8 ,16 or 32 times
Parameter Equalizer: in Parameter
- Frequency point: 20Hz~20KHz
- Bandwidth: 0.05~3 Oct/w
- Gain: -20dB~+20dB
Lo-Shelf and Hi-Shelf:
- Frequency point: 20Hz~20KHz
- Gain: -20dB~+20dB
- Slope: 6dB, 12dB
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